The Evangelism Widow

We’re here tonight to praise the Lord
For the ways that He’s been working
And also praise the Evangelism Team
In service, they’re not shirking.
But there’s another matter
About which little’s said,
And I thought perhaps I’d warn you
About what may lie ahead.

You’ve heard of football widows,
Golf widows, space widows, too.
Baseball widows, bowling widows,
Just to name a few.
Well now there’s a new one
It happened just this year,
It’s the Evangelism Widow –
One stands before you here.

Now I’m glad my husband’s serving,
It’s where the Lord wants him to be.
But I’m pleased and quite relieved
They go out in teams of three!
For it’s funny how his fellow teammates
Don’t sound much like fellows to me.
Especially not with names like Bev,
Or Helen, or Lois or Dee.

He’s been out with Cynthia,
Edith, Kit and Chloe,
And there’s one named Lynn and one named Linda
With whom he keeps hoping he’ll get to go!
And then there’s the homes he calls on.
Can you imagine my plight,
To meet a strange woman who smiles and says,
“Oh yes, your husband was over last night.”

Now aside from all this there’s another matter
That causes consternation.
A strange thing has happened around our house
Regarding our conversation.
For example, he comes home from work,
He looks at me with a glimmer,
And asks, “Have you come to the place in your cooking
Where you know you could serve dinner?”

Or the time we’re having a party,
All afternoon I’m slavin’
He opens the door and greets our guests with
“Why should I let you into my haven?”
And when my birthday came around,
As he lavished presents on me,
He said, “It’s nothing you’ve earned or deserved,
All these gifts are free.”

One day as he scolded the children
I heard him exclaim loud and clear,
“I may be a merciful father,
But I punish sin around here!”
And then there’s that evening we spent alone – we two,
We watched the moon in its flight,
He squeezed my hand and tenderly said,
“Suppose you should die tonight …”

Well, so much for my marital problems,
I see my time’s been spent.
I still have faith in my husband,
And that’s more than intellectual assent!
I’m proud of the way he’s serving,
I’m glad he’s found his place.
But I’m not leaving here tonight
‘Till I find that girl named Grace!

(Written by Gerry Rogers and read at an EE Banquet. Gerry is the wife of Mr. Beach Rogers, an EE trainer)