Malaysia’s 1st National Convention 2011

EE Malaysia held her first National Convention on the 28th-29th April 2011. It was an encouraging occasion when EE leaders nationwide gathered on these dates at the Empress Hotel, Sepang. There were 67 participants in total. The 22 local churches represented came from Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Seremban, Sabah and Sarawak. Also, there were delegates from Indonesia, Singapore, EE Asia and EE International who attended as well.

There was in total 8 sessions throughout the 2 days from speakers that inspired. Mabel Ho engaged EE leaders with new developments in EE by introducing the new Kids EE – Hope for Kids program while Dr. Paul Chen spoke on Reaching an Unreached People Group – namely the Orang Asli in Malaysia. He told of his experience working with one of the tribes, difficulties faced and challenged many to consider adopting a people group as a ministry in their church.

Rev. Tom Mangham, Vice President of Asia Continent, took a session on the Importance of Long Term Planning for the EE Ministry in the Local Church. He highlighted 10 principles of long term planning. Incidentally, he will be taking a Master Planning Seminar in September where he will train leaders to plan the direction of churches and groups, its organization and its funds. Rev. John Sorenson, President of EE International, spoke on The Power of Vision. A vision is derived from who God is, must be acted upon and not kept to oneself but communicated to people. The session by Pak Lukas B. Tandadjaja, President of EE Indonesia was inspiring as he shared on Growing the EE ministry: The Indonesian Experience. The phenomenal stories shared motivated many to think of how the EE ministry in Malaysia can one day aspire to be.

Also, sessions by Elder Norman Choo and Rev. Eu Hong Seng promoted and motivated EE leaders towards excellence and faithfulness in their service. They shared on How to Maintain and Motivate the EE Ministry in Churches for the Long Haul and on Conserving the Fruit: The Importance of Follow-Up respectively.
One of the purposes of this convention was to serve as a network point for EE leaders in Malaysia and elsewhere for more effective partnerships in the Great Commission. Meal times and breaks saw a great many friendships forged – a time where we get to learn from each other and to glean ideas and inspiration.
A great PLUS in this was the T-shirts that everyone got and also, the resources that were shared and distributed among everyone. Videos and lecture notes were given to whomever who wanted a copy. Best of all, it was ALL free of charge.

‘Together We Can’ – it is with these words that Rev Voon Yuen Woh used to challenge the local churches represented that the way forward is to see beyond their own church alone, and to see the need of the nation. Some practical steps the church can take is to continue training their congregations, consider including other types of EE in their churches (e.g. Weavers, Hope for Kids, etc..), have a long term plan for the EE ministry at their churches, share EE with other churches in their denomination/vicinity and perhaps sponsoring pastors/church leaders to attend clinics, second their staff/church members to EE and consider missions with EE. Be it adopting an Orang Asli tribe, a town in another state, or helping to start a semester of EE in another church, the call is to rise up, because together, we can do it!
I hope that those who were there were as encouraged as I was and that more EE Churches will partner together for the furtherance of His Kingdom. With God’s grace and direction, I am sure many more good things will continue to come out of the EE ministries nationwide.

Rosanne Voon serves as a EE Trainer in her church, Full Gospel Tabernacle, Seremban. She is a university freshman and is pursuing a Degree in Education (TESL).