How EE Improves Church Quality

EE is a discipleship training programme and although its primary objective is not evangelism, people do get saved when EE is used.

EE can and does improve the perception of “quality” in a local congregation. Probably EE has the most impact on the quality of empowering leadership. In a local semester training, the EE programme is led by the local church leadership. It is the pastor’s job to “prepare God’s people for works of service.” (Eph 4:12) EE trainees are mentored in the skills and attitudes of witnessing and are prepared for a latter role of being a trainer of other soul-winners. They are being empowered to fulfill the Great Commission.

Given the EE training, every member can witness effectively. Each EE trainer will find fulfillment in using his or her skills and gifts in the outreach ministries of the church.

Prayer is an important activity in EE, especially praying together with one’s prayer partners. Together the prayer team makes requests for souls and the Lord grants them. Spiritual passion is never higher than when we see souls for whom we pray come into God’s forever family. Strong dependence upon the Lord is critical, especially for the courage to speak and the wisdom of knowing what to say.

As part of the EE training, the teams pray and scout for prospects with whom they can share with. As a result of this outgoing attitude, visitors to any EE church’s Worship Service will find a friendly atmosphere and a kind welcome. This contributes to making a visit to an EE church’s Worship Service an inspiring one.

We need to earn the right to speak the about the Lord. The best results from OJTs are those from whom we have nurtured friendships. We do this by meeting the needs of others.

The EE team of three (small group) will experience the joy of studying together, praying together and witnessing together. This sense of closeness contributes remarkably to building loving relationships in the church.

The Institute for Natural Church Development, located in Germany has identified 8 quality characteristics of growing churches. We believe EE helps to improve these quality characteristics.

Voon Yuen Woh