E.E. – Emotional Explosion

VIC : Have you come to the place in your emotional life where you know for certain that if you were to get married tonight , you have the right partner?

LEO : Oh no , I don’t think anyone can really be sure .

VIC : I didn’t know for sure myself for many years, but then one day someone shared with me how I could know for certain . Would you like for me to share with you how I came to know for sure I have the right marriage partner and how you can know it too?

LEO : Yes , I really would.

VIC : Fine , I’ll be happy to. First, let me ask you another question which will help clarify the matter. Suppose you were to get married tonight and someone were to say to you, “How do you know you have the right partner?” What would you say?

LEO : Well , she’s pretty and talented. She’s a nice girl from a good family and has a pleasing personality. I believe I must have the right one.

VIC : Those things are all good . Let me see if I understand your answer. You would say, “Because of her physical beauty, ability, personality, and background you think you have the right one?

LEO : That’s right .

VIC : I thought I have some really good news for you . And after hearing your answer to the second question I’m sure I have the greatest news about marriage that you have ever heard in your whole life.

LEO : Oh , let me hear it .

VIC : Okay, marriage is a free gift . It is not earned or deserved.

LEO : Really? I thought you had to work hard to get married.

VIC : No , the work comes after.
The fact that it is not earned or deserved can be seen more clearly when we understand the nature of man.
1. You see, man is a sinner, basically selfish and
2. He can’t make a wise choice himself.

Suppose a man had 100 girlfriends, or 10, or just 3, you might say, “Suerte naman!” (or Hallelujah!) But think what would happen if he doesn’t choose the right one.

LEO : Sayang!

VIC : Yes, this comes into sharper focus when we see what the Bible says about God .
1. God is loving and merciful and wants to give man the right partner.
2. But He is also just and knows what man deserves.

LEO : That’s what I am afraid of .

VIC : But God has a solution to this problem .
1. He sent His Son Jesus Christ to give us a new life and a new nature so we would look for godly qualities in a partner.
2. He also left us His Word to instruct us, and godly counselors to advise us.
Now you may be wondering how we receive this gift of marriage.
Does everybody get it? No, some are called to single blessedness.

This gift must be received by faith.
1. Now faith is not mere emotional assent (or head knowledge) – deciding on marriage with your feelings only. Nor is it a temporal decision based on outward appearance. That pretty girl you think you love may not be the right one at all. Marriage is forever so you must look for her godly character.
2. Real faith in marriage is waiting for God’s choice and accepting her with all your heart forever.

Does this make sense to you?

LEO : Oh , yes!

VIC : Would you like to receive this gift or marriage?

LEO : Yes , I certainly would!